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Air Compressor Maintenance Tips

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Now you have to invest in an air compressor to run all of your air tools, you will have to learn how to keep it up and running. Because the compressor of the Handyman’s¬†standards do not usually require daily maintenance, it’s easy to forget about them and neglect their maintenance. This can be a costly oversight so it’s important for you to keep an eye on the following air compressor maintenance tips.


Maintenance Tip 1: Read and follow the instructions to use your air compressor

Nothing stops an air compressor faster than an owner who does not read the owner’s guide. There will be a few simple tips in there for you that will help you to get a nice long life out of your air compressor – a simple tool for you to do that you will never have thought to do, unless you read it. Plus, if you do not follow the rules of brand air compressor you have a chance that you will void your warranty. That in itself would be enough incentive to read the “flipping” manual.

Maintenance Tip 2: Drain The Moisture From The Tanks

Binh collect moisture from compressed air that it – especially if you live in a humid climate. Most tank drain valve is moisture that accumulates and it is up to you to make sure they are drained regularly. Before removing the water you should be sure to release air pressure from the tank.

Maintenance Tip 3: Clean Intake Vents

If you force your air compressor to work too hard to intake air you’re losing power on your compression. This will gradually reduce the quality of your tools. Be sure to keep your volume vent as clean as possible and check them regularly, especially if you are working in a dusty or dirty environments.

Maintenance Tip 4: Tighten All Fasteners

Your air compressor is an active, engine vibration and it will loosen its screws, nuts and bolts on a regular basis. Be sure to check them periodically and tighten up if you find any’ve jiggled loose.

Maintenance Tip 5: Check Hoses Regularly

Check all hoses periodically as they are the veins of your air compressor. If they become cracked or corroded they could soon begin to leak and then put undue strain on the rest of the components of the compressor. Be sure to check and replace if you find them cracked or damaged.

Maintenance Tip 6: Check the safety shutdown system

Your compressor can have a built-in safety shut down. The function of this system is to turn off your compressor if it is getting too hot, or if the engine’s oil pressure is too low. This test will help you ensure a longer compressor.

Maintenance Tip 7: Check and Change Air Filter As Needed

A dirty air filter is only hurting your air compressor by allowing dirty air from the outside in, plus forcing it to work harder to intake air. Check your filter regularly and change them if you notice a heavy accumulation of dirt. Change every six months or so if you use it regularly.

Maintenance Tip 8: Clean Fuel Tank

As with any tool you need to periodically clean the fuel tank to ensure optimal operating conditions. You should look to clean up the air compressor motor on your once a year or longer to remove any remaining building from the fuel. This will protect the life of your engine.

Maintenance Tip 9: Check and change the compressor oil

If you’re running an air compressor that uses oil you should check it on a daily basis to ensure that your computer is called off. Then, every 500-1000 hours of use you should change your air compressor¬†oil to ensure maximum operation of your air compressor.

Maintenance Tip 10: Change Separator death

The separator element prevents the use of too much oil, but it must be replaced periodically. Keep your compressor in top condition by replacing the separate elements per 1,000 hours of operation.

Maintenance Tip 11: Clean the heat exchanger

If your heat exchangers are dirty then they can not do their job, which is to reduce the operating temperature of your air compressor. Clean them regularly to keep your operating temperatures down and increase the life of your air compressor.

By following the above tips, you will ensure a nice long life for your air compressor, plus job you will use it to travel faster and more efficiently. An air compressor is maintained is a great machine for any job site or workshop, so keep you running smoothly.

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