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BOSTICH N66C-1 Framing Nailer Reviews

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Product Description:

Bostich N66C-1 its a coil type framing nailer. This is a powerful coil siding nail frame. This frame tacks are often designed for a mission in mind fastening tasks on surfaces. Keep nails lightweight magnesium body and provide a heavy duty body, with the difficulties in the implementation of the contract. This pneumatic framing nailer provides easy fastening a nail through the toughest of materials while still able to softwood without destroying.

Weight And Dimension:

A good coil siding nail right frame lightweight enough for daily use works. In today’s market brings a perfect Bostich coil siding nail frame. Which is 3.25 inches wide, 12 inches high, and 11.25 inches in length, it is only 4.9 pounds of weight. This framing nailer is durable piece of equipment can dispute the severity of any project without being worn frame.

Accept Any Air Compressor:

This framing nailer accept any air compressor where most of the framing nailer requires the specific air compressor. And the operating pressure of this framing nailer is 70 to 120 PSI.

Magazine And Nail Type:

The Bostich N66C-1 can hold up to 350 nail in its magazine, and its accept wired weld or plastic coil inserted nails.


  • Can be used in hard and soft materials without damaging the material and compensation made.
  • The position of the exhaust gas is not only possible, but can be adjusted as well as with the need of any tools.
  • Comes with single shot trigger that is very responsive and good to shoot accurately.
  • Easy to repaire-replacement parts easy to get.
  • Simple to download and easy depth adjustment.
  • Seven-year limited warranty by Bostich.


⚠ Few users reported on some minor wiring problems.

⚠ The Bostich N66c-1 is not the quietest framing nailer.

⚠ Its not the most powerful framing nailer.

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