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DEWALT DC618K XRP – Best Cordless Framing Nailer

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Product Description:

The DEWALT DC618K XRP using this compact and portable framing nailer, you can drive nails up to five nails per second. Unlike other pneumatic nail frame, you will not need to buy a compressor to drive a nail gun, and you will not have trouble of lugging around and gas pipes. It’s a good framework for carpenters nail decorations, cabinets, hardwood floors and light wood so it. To suit the limited space it has an arrow tip and an angled magazine. It has an integrated LED lights to avoid problems in a dark place. It has two types o The system works –

* Sequential: it is for a nailed-by-one.

* Bump fire: it gives you high-speed continuous crucifixion for your work faster.

This Framework provides 18 volt rechargeable battery compartment and finish nails 16 languages easily.

Weight and dimension

This framing nailer is not so much heavy its only 8.5 pounds, and the dimension are 12.5×4.8 inches this nailer is good for small spaces.

Depth adjustment

Its precision electronic depth adjustment. A 6 position dial option allows you to select a predetermined depth and switch between projects, except for the need to manually adjust how the nail drive faster. 1-6 Strip, clearing jammed a swing nosepieces.

Power source

Its comes with a 18 volt rechargeable battery, the battery full charged with in one hour.

You can drive 5000 nails in one time full charge.


Nail this frame comes with a 20 degree angled magazine. rear load magazine will allow you to download the style provides the flexibility to compromise end-user preferences. The magazine can hold up to 120 nails and will accept DEWALT and nail PASLODE 20 degrees.


Dewalt DC618K comes with a case included with charger, reversible belt, safety glasses.


  • Its lightweight and easy to use in small spaces.
  • 16 gauge nailer with 6 position dial to quickly select from preset depth setting.
  • LED light system to do accurately your project in the dark.
  • 90 days money back guarantee, 2 years free service on batteries and 3 year limited warranty 1 year free service contract.
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