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Porter Cable Model FN250A Finish Nailer

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I used an air powered brad nailer at my store for some time, and find it very useful. I also found it lacking the strength and length of nails while trying to nail down the face frame, shelf pin in dados or other larger work. Admittedly, the brad nailer is not designed for this task. If I wanted to shoot the finish nailer in about 2-inches, I need another tool.


The wife and I attended a small wood processing program and I have a natural pull to Porter Cable booth where all kinds of cool looking nail gun and other equipment were exhibited. I started asking questions, was handed a Porter Cable FN250A Finish Nailer to test and told it was a special day. Even the wife realize resistance is futile in the face of such a meeting on the needs and financial opportunities and allowed to proceed.

I am proud to bring Porter circling program my new cable emblazoned carrying case (that comes with this model), recognized the envy of many boys had little luck with his wife to buy tools or pallet. I’m a big kid on the block; until I noticed two program staff help a guy (a clear program off) its new facilities hustle out of his car.

One of the first things I like about FN250A finish nailer as it feels. Although its capacity beyond my brad nailers, it’s size, easy to control. This stuff is not lightweight by any means – it is made from real metal – but it is enough light for widespread use without serious arm fatigue. The rubber grip is comfortable and provides a secure grip.

Nails are loaded by pulling back with its nail built-in catch, drop strip (this gun can hold two magazine strips) into a slot at the top of the magazine. A follower springs keep nails and keep them pressed forward. Remove the nail clip to resize really easy.

This type of oil airgun requires the user to place a few drops of oil supply in the inlet before use. Although some may complain about this additional maintenance, it creates a sharp shot strong action is appreciated when a 2-inch nails seats clean in all types of hardwood assured me it. Although oil bottle that comes in the kit is small, I bought what appears to contain a lifetime supply locally for less than five dollars.

Another feature is the steerable discharge port. You find yourself in the odd positions when using a nail gun and can direct the emission peak from your direction will help prevent roll sawdust in your eyes.

I have heard comments from woodworkers to complain about “hard trigger” on the air gun. I find this pistol grip for easy use and can be predicted. It features easy operation adjustment allows you to determine the depth screw is set in the woods of different densities.

The FN250A Finish Nailer is shipped with a “trigger limitations”, which means you must press the safety shoes for work before pulling the trigger to fire a nail. A fire below the trigger is freely available as an accessory. mechanism allows the operator to hold the trigger in place by the fire and concrete nails safety shoes for work. This may be set framed hot with guns, but the work is finished, we need much more precision. Unless you have an overwhelming urge to emulate Dirty Harry with a finish nailer, and not worry about misplaced screws, factory settings worked well and enabled more appropriate.

Clearing jams from various fasteners can nail gun is a process related to removal of at least part of the gun. Porter Cable has a better idea, and a lot easier.

They have designed a flip-up door on the front of the nail path allows you to access the jammed screws so they can be easily removed with a pliers. No nicks, cuts or foul language. In addition, it can be done in seconds. Just be sure to disconnect the gun from the air supply before doing this or any other maintenance operations.

So far, trick jam clearing function was to use me as a gun refused jam.

Since Porter cable design all their tools with decades of use in mind there may come a time when you need to rebuild the gas engine. Kits and parts for this is available from Porter Cable and can be found in stores woodworking tool more complete. The process of replacing the parts needed are easy and can be done by most end users.

Again, I have successfully expand my inventory of devices with an engine exceeding my expectations. I’m getting used to this with Porter Cable products but promised to act surprised when I buy something else from the family.

If you need a complete nail gun, you owe it to yourself to consider Porter Cable FN250A Finish Nailer Reviews. This is one, solidly produced well-designed piece of equipment you will have in your store for the rest of your life. Although the price is very reasonable (about $ 170 in many places) that average spending on life to get the cost per use through the reasonable costs among us the most. Read more information at

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