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The Different Types of Nail Guns

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Nail guns are used for different tasks. This is especially true for those jobs that require the use of about a hundred nails. There are many different types of nail guns you can find on the market today. The gun is powered by an air compressor that fires like a piston to about guns and produce enough electricity to drive the nail.


Framing nailers

Framing Nailers is one of the most common types of nail guns. This basically is a specific type of an air gun used for the frame. All frame nailers are made with the aim of making the work of a carpenter faster and much easier. With this tool, no longer need to use a hammer. The frame nailers are used primarily for high-power projects, especially those that will require the need to use about a hundred nails.

Roofing nailers

The roof nailers are the best choice of nail guns for roofing purposes. These nailers use nails make specific roofing will be used mainly for shingles. The length and nail to different sizes, which usually depends on the thickness of shingles used. All nails shown the same basic design.

Flooring nailers

A floor nailer is a nail gun. From the name itself, this device is used mainly for flooring purposes. It is a tool that works hand that usually provided by the compressor. This drives the nail serrated floor in certain angle toward the floor and in the right corner. In most cases, the next row of flooring is needed to cover the nail head.

Finish nailers

The finish nailers sometimes called brad or pin tools. This device is used for finishing work and this is why the nails used for the tools are generally smaller size and smoother. They are also used for finishing touches, such as the creation of a home decoration. The nail guns for the slightly rounded and can be hidden with putty. You can learn the best finish nailer for more details at bradnailer24h website.

Brad nailers

Obviously, brad nailers use brad nail. Like most air gun, this device is powered by a compressed air. It is equipped with a small piston is being stimulated by the activation switch and sent to a cylinder of compressed air. What is the office responsible for pushing a hammer that makes small brad nails for wood wire. This type of nail gun is used for small projects, like building birdhouses.


Sometimes it is hard to choose which to use nail guns. Knowing the purpose and how the guns are used can help you in making the best decision.

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